The Patent Fund

IP Investment Partners is a general partnership that has created an industry-disruptive investment vehicle: the Patent Fund, which focuses on helping patent owners both maximize and accelerate the monetization of their patent assertion activities. The Patent Fund is structured like a cooperative, whereby participating patent holders own equity in the Fund. Ownership in the Fund is represented by shares of common stock. The Patent Fund currently consists of 8 patent families, 126 patents and 11 active large infringement cases with a damages estimate of over $2 billion, with most cases underway for almost two years and expected to settle within 12 months.

Key Differentiators

The Patent Fund works like a cooperative

Patent Owners receive a perpetual cash flow through the Fund’s diversification and ever-growing portfolio.

Patent owners receive securities representing their ownership in the Fund.

The Patent Fund has a unique monetization methodology for foundational patents that creates faster returns.

All Fund equity owners receive cash distributions from Fund profits and in the case of Patent Holders this is in addition to their standard contracted settlement distributions.

The Patent Fund makes equity investments in qualifying patent owner’s companies and patents.

Patent owners in the Fund have an experienced and successful team of litigators and Patent experts ensuring the best outcomes.

Ownership in the Fund will provide future liquidity and speculative upside value as demand increases.

Our Current Portfolio